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To encourage all manner of experimentation into the nature of gravitation and associated theoretical research thereof, consistent with the desire to establish ways of interacting with the gravitational field itself.

In our pursuit of new knowledge pertaining to the nature of gravitation we are guided by the need to avoid the limitations of first and second order metaphysics, which serve to restrict (blinker) objectivity.

Indeed, first order metaphysics makes statements about "all thoughts" on the basis of a certain limited number of thoughts, whilst second order metaphysics makes statements about "all experiments" on the basis of a certain limited number of experiments .The  positivists did the right thing ( focused on the phenomena ) for the wrong reason because they thought the essence was unknowable.  We are aware that many questions need to be posed and answered, as do some existing answers that need to be revisited.

Prof. David Bohm, Prof. Eric Laithwaite, Dr.Evgeny Podkletnov and Dr.Bruce DePalma are amongst those that have inspired us with their insight, imagination and courage.

Many more questions have not been posed, and thus unanswered, many answers lie unchallenged, progress is all that matters.