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Heinrich Hertz was unhappy with the foundations of mechanics , which is at the very heart of physics ,and in particular with  the notion of force ,as a result he developed the principles of mechanics in a new form.In this work the primitive notion force is replaced by a mechanistic linkage ( true to the spirit of facilitating further understand and ultimate methods of interacting with matter)between concealed particles which ultimately result in the motion of material bodies under different conditions.This new mechanics was not well received by the scientific community  at the time, and ultimately was left ignored . Hertz  theory was extremely futuristic  in that it embodied  ideas that effectively foreshadowed such notions as the  Zero point field.That it did so with the spirit of probing deeper and demanding  answers when doubts presented themselves as to  what ultimately lay behind matter in motion , was indeed to revolutionary to say the least .However , attempts at seeing further , delving deeper into the nature of matter are considered unprofitable and thus unnecessary by main stream participants, even though the act of seeing further/deeper ultimately yield rich fruits by facilitating higher levels of interaction.