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Heinrich Hertz’s principles of mechanics in a new form enables momentum  and energy  to be present in the space( vacuum ) surrounding material objects and this non -localizable attribute demonstrating both  extrinsic and intrinsic properties  of the concealed particle clouds piloting material motion , enabling  dynamical interchange and interaction in a multitude of ways.

In the Biefeld-Brown effect , the varying electric field interacts with the concealed particles and this results in macroscopic motion of the charged capacitor.The Casimir effect when viewed from the SED viewpoint opens up a huge area of rich opportunities.

Exploring the different combinations of applied voltage , frequency and configuration of the capacitor, together with other physical variables hitherto unexplored will lead to further discoveries relating to the interaction of field particles and the gross macroscopic configuration .Similarly in the other listed phenomena classes   include  angular momentum , applied Electric and Magnetic fields and relative configuration  surrounding. space ( vacuum - STP).