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Insight dissolves the rut and enables thought to become rational again when a quagmire exists between theory and experiments.So it is that Insight is all important as opposed to patching hypothesis.Insight which will depend heavily upon the range of phenomena surveyed and those which are chosen as representative, whilst others out there are discarded.In this sense seeing is theory laden , and hence , resulting in seeing what one is programmed to se by physical outlook.

In our pursuit we take the position that at this juncture that more developments in current mainstream theory though providing evermore accurate correlations of pointer readings will not lead further explicate the cause of gravitation and in particular lead to ways of interacting with gravitational field itself.

Indeed we are in search of phenomena hitherto undiscovered and  potentially cloaked as a result of the blinckering effect of  current theory that has  not the necessary basis( because such physical  outcomes are excluded ) to be  aware of said new phenomena.